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A Profile of Adidas Originals

Adidas is the second biggest sports wear brand in the World after the American brand Nike and the largest in Europe. They were founded back in 1924 in the German state of Bavaria. Adolf Dassler was the founder of the company, he was originally in business with his younger brother Rudolf but after the Second World War they had a falling out and went their separate way with Rudolf founding the label Puma and Adolf creating Adidas.

Despite the brands good sales they were struggling by the end of the 1980's and were purchased in 1989 by Bernard Tapie who was the owner of the French football team Marseille. Tapie however was unable to pay back the loans he borrowed to buy the company and it was sold in 1993 to Robert Louis-Dreyfus for a figure believed to be around eight billion dollars and he is still CEO of the company today.

In particular the company specialises in trainers and footwear for athletes and sportsmen alike. They have always been strongly associated with the sport of soccer on both a professional and amateur level creating both team kits and soccer boots which are very popular. They provide the kit and boots for famous professional football clubs such as Liverpool and Real Madrid and international sides such as Germany and Spain.

In recent years Adidas have launched the Originals diversion line which aims to be more fashion driven to appeal to a different market. The clothing is more vintage inspired and they have reintroduced many pairs of trainers that they used to make years ago with they call their classic line.