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Check Out the Eye-Catching Promotional Balmain Arles Pen Set

Just because you want to give your top clients and employees a nice gift pen this year does not mean you have to spend a lot of money.

Balmain, one of the most trusted and loved pen manufacturers in the world offers a massive selection of good quality gift pens that you may find of interest. I have personally tested and reviewed the Balmain Arles ball pen and the Arles rollerball and they are both very good quality pens that will be appreciated by anyone receiving them.

Now, the Arles ball pen and rollerball are available as an attractive gift pen set! When you consider that you can purchase 50 sets for around A�9.50 per set you are getting a lot of value for your money.

You can choose from the black set or the navy Arles pen set and believe me they are both top notch.

Balmain is well known for its classically styled pens and these pen sets are no exception.

Both the ball pen and the rollerball boast Balmain's famous chrome clip. Just under the clip is the Balmain logo. This is printed in silver so your logo would look spectacular printed in the same colour. All Balmain pens are supplied in an attractive gift box.

The gift box really looks the part. It is felt lined with with recesses for the two pens. The felt is also stamped with the Balmain logo. There is also a small envelope and gift card that is a nice touch.

That actual card is plastic like a credit card and states that the pens are certified Balmain promotional products and that they have been subjected to the most thorough quality control.

It is their high quality that is, in my opinion the symbol of the excellent reputation of the Balmain name.

It is worth noting that having written extensively with the Balmain Arles ballpen and rollerball I feel these pens pack a lot of bang for your buck! They have a very smooth writing quality.

Once the ink does run out, both pens can take Parker refills. This means that your customers need only run down to their local stationery shop to get refills. They could be writing with these gift pens for years promoting your brand all along the way!

So what are you waiting for? Order a sample of the Balmain Arles Gift Pen Set and get that next successful promotion underway.