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Fendi Peekaboo - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

If you've been shopping for long, you know that women's fashions often go quickly out of style, creating a desire to shop for the latest and greatest fashion of the moment.

This creates an expensive dilemma. Fendi handbags to the rescue. For timeless classics, we need look no further than this luxury Italian fashion house. Its signature bags have enough charm and pizzazz to last a lifetime. In fact, the quality level and timeless nature of Fendi bags means that they can be passed from one generation to the next.

If longevity is an important feature to you, it's best to select a neutral color bag that will be equally appropriate with your hot pink silk blouse or blue jeans. In reviewing Fendi's expansive line, you are bound to find a number of classic styles and 'go-with-everything' materials.

Fendi handbags have endeared themselves to fans worldwide. Every group from moms to celebrities to career women have sought out these special bags. If you take note of who is wearing what style bag with what attire, it's nice to note that a Fendi bag can be equally at home with casual garb or black tie evening clothes.

The highly unusual Fendi Peekaboo handbag offers options galore with its array of materials, colors and other embellishments.

The bag gets its name from the unique flap design. The flap can be locked with a twist lock movement that will open or close the upper portion of the bag. Because the majority of users carry it in the 'flap-open' position, the bag plays peekaboo with its contents.

In studying over the details of this gorgeous bag, one can only say that it is fashionable and sophisticated with a touch of humor added in the mix. This style represents brilliant handbag design at its best. It is difficult to decide on a favorite Peekaboo.

The Zucca Peekaboo Tote is an icon. It features a removable shoulder strap, its signature Zucca-weave fabric with patent leather trim and handles and, of course, the well known double 'F' logo.

If shopping online for an authentic Fendi, be sure to check into the seller's credentials carefully and look for reviews posted by other customers.

A genuine Fendi handbag has many stellar details that set it apart from a replica. Some things to look for are the quality of the material, straight and even stitching, and an engraved logo. In the case of the genuine product, the logo will always be engraved when it appears on the metal components of the bag.

Remember that these are hand made by artisans with years of experience and they must meet Fendi's exacting standards.

Fendi is master of creating timeless works of art.

If you are shopping abroad, you can visit Fendi boutiques around the globe. Going to Hawaii? Visit the light, airy salon in Honolulu.

Or, the open, luminous Russian Federation store in Moscow, the ultra-modern boutique in Beverly Hills, CA or amazing store in Paris. These are just a handful of the options.

One of the world's favorite luxury labels, Fendi is not going anywhere. Hang on to your handbag, as it will serve you well for many years to come. If you are a mom, your daughter probably already has her eye on it.