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How to Be Your Own Singing Coach - With a Little Help From Your

More singers than ever,are turning to self-coaching software these days. The main reason seems to be due to the escalating costs of personal singing lessons with a voice coach.

Here is my take on one of these many courses available online:

For structure- the "Singing Success" course is as good as it gets. With a combination of workbooks plus 300 audio files it is pretty comprehensive as courses (especially singing courses) go.

The foundation was built upon a technique called SLS or Speech Level Singing. The concept is really quite simple; the singer is instructed in the use of head range or head placement vocalising,a method of focussing the sound into the skull cavities which act as a sounding board and gives a lighter more distinctive sound,sometimes called "covering" than the usual 'mixed- register' vocalising.

Why is this? Well,it is said to be easier on the vocal cords, and was the preferred method of legends like Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Bette Midler and Barbra Streisand.

It does take though,in my experience, rather more energy than usual,and there could be a little less power/dynamism. That could be down to the fact though that my vocal cords are not as young as they used to be.

Singing at speech level (SLS) though, certainly seems to be the choice of many aspiring popular singers these days. This singing technique is claimed to enable students to sing almost any genre of music you could name; blues, jazz, rock, musicals etc.

You get three hundred (!) audio files-a studio training DVD and it is all guaranteed. It is worth noting that many of Brett Mannings pupils have had dazzling success at the Dove and Grammy awards, using his SLS vocal can't say fairer than that!

So, in conclusion -- my overall view is that although it is at the top spot on price (it is by far the highest) you get extremely good value for is especially true when you consider the $60-100 you will be charged, per lesson, by the average singing coach these days.

Take a look and get free singing lessons. Click on the link below.