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The Lace Trend Is Back Again

Check and sort out the fashion elements for 2011, there are tassels, straw-plaiting and leopard print, but you should not ignore the vital lace. In fact, lace was firstly introduced to the market in about sixteenth centuries. At that time, lace was usually owned by rich and powerful men and women. For the ordinary people, it seems the luxurious and inaccessible accessory. But in the modern times especially the upcoming season, lace is fused into most fashion pieces and is ready for different styles of people.

There are two types of lace: the needle lace and the bobbins lace. Historian Bernard Shaw had succinctly described lace textile as 'holes surrounded with thread'. This definition is fitted to all kinds of lace. Lace has captured the imagination and enthralled so many people from one generation to another generation. Modern lace pieces are always added with some other kinds of fashion elements to express the specified fashion sense in the specific era.

Lace items were often for the gentlewomen who are always gracious and mannerly in the past. But it is now always used to the sexy and charming women clothing. There are so many top brands which have launched their new series of the 2011 spring and summer. And their new products contain many lace elements which are exhibited from the sexy vision. Of course, they are never lacking of the sense of gentle and elegant.

Lovely, gentle and sexy, this is what lace pieces will bring to modern women. If you are an out-and-out lace lover, you will not miss the hot fashion of lace next year.